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Why choose Japonte?

While there are many convenient shopping malls and online shops now-a-day, we think the reasons why you choose Japonte Shop are as follows.

1. English-Japanese food ingredient catalog
For a wide range of people including non-Japanese speakers, you can find the simple guidance (description, raw material information, cooking method, nutrition information, combination proposal etc) of food ingredients required for Japanese home cooking. We notice that it is not easy for foreigners living in Japan to select traditional Japanese ingredients due to language issues or different eating habits.

2. Selected food ingredients
You can find ingredients from each regions of Japan which are carefully selected by our following standards.

  • Prioritize agricultural products cultivated not dependent on agrochemicals
  • Prioritize producers who utilize natural capital efficiently and sustainably
  • Prioritize producers who developing and manufacturing processed foods that do not rely on food additives
  • Prioritize producers devising combinations of traditional manufacturing techniques such as fermentation and the latest technologies for quality collateral

3. Visibility of our producers
You can find what kind of people, what kind of place, what kind of thought they have. So those visibility support you to bring our food ingredients into your dietary life with confidence.

4. Simple and sensible packaging materials
We strive to reduce costs and environmental burden by simplifying of the packaging as much as possible. The appearance could never be so fashionable, but we prioritize its storability and ease of use.

5. Contribute to sustainability
We value the natural resources from the production to consumption, and provide the opportunity to think about the health of the earth together. 

We aim to further easy-to-use online shop while receiving requests and advice from customers. If you can cooperate, please message from the following.