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Please read the following FAQs and if there are any questions, feel free to ask us anything!

What does Japonte stand for?

Japonte is a coined work that we thought out based on Japan + Ponte (bridge in Italy). We bridge over borders and generations with the treasures of Japan.

I will be traveling in Japan. Can I ask you to deliver to the hotel I stay during my trip?
Yes, we are able to deliver our products to the hotel you will stay in Japan. In that case we highly recommend you to notify the hotel beforehand, so that the hotel may support for your receiving.

To which extent are Japonte's products traceable?
Whenever possible, we source teas, rice and nori products from a single farm for the best quality. Many other companies can tell you the region or country from which they source their product, but it may be blended from multiple farms or producers. We are committed to providing the most detailed information possible about our sourcing practices. And we source miso, salt and other processed foods from a single or identified producer. Our producers source ingredients from an identified farm.


Our FAQ page will be updated and reinforced continuously!