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Nakashima san【Aquaculturist】

Mr. Nakashima is the leader of the Hizen Kashima area who has deep knowledge about nori.


The Hizen Kashima area has a long history of seaweed farming among the Ariake Sea. Because of the aqua-farming field where the change of the sea situation is the most influential, the team members are passionate to continuously be learning together.

He grew up constantly touching nori making since his childhood. In high school days when he was learning mechanical engineering, he started to experience nori aqua-farming in the sea especially during the busy season of winter. He is about to reach the 40th annual cycle of nori making as a profession.

Nori cultivation cycle is one year unit that starts picking of seeds in spring followed by spore growing in summer, net preparation and setting in autumn. Winter is the high season to grow nori up in the huge aquafarm area. During the long processes, they keep nurturing nori without skipping carefull mind at all times so that they can overcome challenges such as typhoons and changes in seawater temperature.

When you eat his nori, you can feel that their long process was performed very carefully. You probabley feel the satisfaction and appreciation by the deliciousness.

From now on, he tries to share his accumulated experiences with his juniors for the future of seaweed making.