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Miyamoto san【Miso maker】

Akihiro Miyamoto is a man with passion and pride of craftsmanship.

His grandparents who were the founder of Miyamoto miso had continued the great work style for over 50 years, so that they engaged in agriculture during summer and a small miso maker during winter. In his childhood he was taken care by the grandparents and he could naturally learned authenticity about miso. After studying Environmental engineering, from the age of 22, he began to learn miso making as professional from the grandparent. 
He believes that the origin of Japanese food is "Koji" designated as a national fungus. Through utilizing the wonderfull aspects of "Koji", he wants to express the importance of agriculture, the importance of rice making, the story of miso making, and the way Japanese food culture is. So he uses local ingredients. He uses his own-cultivated rice as raw material of rice koji. When he creates new items, he tries his own-cultivated ingredients. He continues traditional methods and hand-made craftsmanship. It means that his miso making covers whole process including seeding, planting, harvesting, formulation and aging to meet the highest standard of miso.