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Saemidori Tama Ryokucha 60g

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The high-quality Saemidori cultivar plants has come to be greatly appreciated in recent years, because of its gentle fragrance and moderate sweetness and rich and long-lasting umami taste.  You can enjoy at least 3 times of steeping.
Green tea (Ureshino, Saga prefecture, Japan)
Quantity of leaves: 3g
Quantity of water: 70ml
Water temperature: 60-70°C
Brewing time: 90s
*In order to bring out an elegant sweetness and richness, we suggest brewing it slowly with lukewarm water of about 60-70℃. You can enjoy to repeat brewing. Shortening brew time with hotter water is recommended for second brewing and after. 

Cultural tips
Hachiju-hachi ya (88th nights) is one of Japanese traditional season shift point. It means 88 days since Risshun, the first day of spring on Feb. 4. Tea new tea leaf picked on this day is considered to be superior. Traditionally said that drinking that tea gives you longevity.

Nutritional tips
It is known that one kind of flavonoid called quercetin is contained 2.5 times more in Saemidori than a major variety Yabukita. Quercetin has been reported to have various physiological functions such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hypertensive effects in addition to the effect of improving vascular endothelial function to protect blood vessels.