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Ureshino Kamairicha 30g
Ureshino Kamairicha 30g
Ureshino Kamairicha 30g

Ureshino Kamairicha 30g

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a traditional Ureshino specialty

Enjoy the golden yellow clear liquid with refreshing aroma and fruity sweetness. “Kamairi” derived from a traditional Chinese method of direct roasting to stop oxidation. It was the originally imported together with a technique of pottery from China more than 500 years ago. Ureshino is one of limited areas all over the Japan, where Kamairi method has been inherited even now-a-days. Please enjoy the difference with steamed Senchas, which is recently popular in Japan.
Green tea (Ureshino, Saga prefecture, Japan)
Quantity of leaves: 3g
Quantity of water: 70ml
Water temperature: 90°C
Brewing time: 60s
* You can enjoy to repeat brewing 4 times. Please shorten the brewing time after second.
Combination / Situation
It's perfectly fit with not only Washoku but also for Chinese cuisine.
The refreshing aroma and fruity sweetness are recommended for relaxing afternoon or evening time.

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