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Ureshino Cold-brew Sencha

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うれしの水出し煎茶 ティーバッグ

Easy drinkable cold-brew green tea

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Easy drinkable cold green tea with refreshing aroma and natural sweetness.
Optimal formulation for 1 liter of cold water. Just 30 min after putting the teabag into water in a jug or PET bottle, you can already enjoy authentic cold-brew green tea.
Green tea (Ureshino, Saga prefecture, Japan)
Quantity of leaves: One teabag (8g)
Quantity of water: 0.8 to 1 liter
Water temperature: 5°C to room temp
Brewing time: 30 min
Put 1 tea bag 1 L (33.81 fl oz) of cold water in a jug
Let it sit for 30 minutes in fridge

Please be sure to keep the brewed tea in fridge, and drink it within a day.


Combination / Situation
As an alternative to mineral water in office, a wine chaser or a sake chaser during relaxing evening time, a drink for barbecue during summer camping, etc.