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Organic Matcha Clinary

  • ¥3,240
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Rich in L-theanine and EGCG


Large size organic matcha for health conscious people.
With a content of 500g at the reasonable price, you can fully use it for daily breakfast and snacks.

It contains the relaxing ingredient, L-theanine and the antioxidant ingredient, EGCG in a well-balanced, so it is especially recommended for those who engage in stressful work.

Organic green tea (Kagoshima prefecture, Japan)

360 days
■ Tropical matcha smoothie 
Organic Matcha Culinary 5g (1 teaspoon), 1 banana, coconut milk or milk 270㏄, frozen mango or frozen pineapple 100g, honey (favorite amount)

■ Mint matcha smoothie
Organic Matcha Culinary 5g (1 teaspoon), 2 frozen bananas, coconut milk or milk 180㏄, 100g frozen spinach, 5 fresh mint, 10g gum syrup

Please keep the Matcha in fridge after opening the packet.