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Honkarebushi Ippon-dzuri (Sebushi/Back part)

  • ¥3,600

This is a Honkarebushi (fermented dried bonito) made by the traditional technique inherited at Makurazaki area of Kagoshima prefecture. All of the Katsuobushi slabs we sell come from top-quality fish caught with a technique known as “single-pole fishing” (ippon-dzuri), a traditional technique that involves catching fish one-by-one.

Bonito (Kagoshima prefecture, Japan)

2 years
Shaving of Katsuobushi

  1. Please wash the mold on the surface of Katsuobushi with a scrub brush. After washing it thoroughly, please dry well (shade).
  2. Place the cutting edge of the sharpener toward you and push the bonito to shave. At the beginning of shaving, please start from the back of the head. Raise the Katsuobushi at an angle of about 30 degrees and apply it to the shaver. At the beginning, since it is unstable, move the Katsuobushi by using both hands to keep a balance.
  3. When you continue for a while, you can make a big flat surface. After stabilization, please forcefully push it over from the front to shave it. Once you shave to a certain extent, shift the cutting surface slightly to make 3 flat surfaces.