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Instant dashi powder 20g

Instant dashi powder 20g

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Convenient when you are busy!
It is a instant dashi powder that you can use just by sprinkling it like a salt. As it contains Katsuobushi, Dried sardine and Ma Kombu, so you can complete soup stock only in one shot. Of course, it's free from MSG, Protein hydrolyzate or Yeast extract, etc..

As we use the highest quality of each ingredients, you can complete soup stock only with a very small amount. Since the whole materials are used into the powder, it has high nutritional value and no waste.

It can be used by wider generations from children to elderly people.

20g (for 40 cups of miso soup)

Katsuobushi(Kagoshima), Dried sardine(Kagawa), Ma Kombu(Hokkaido)

300 days

Recommendable usage
1g for 2 cups of miso soup
2g for seasoned rice (450g of uncooked rice)
Alternative to Maggi powders