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Ariake Roasted Nori Winter (M size x 10 sheets)

  • ¥540

(bulk supply is also available)

有明焼海苔 冬

Authentic vegetarian super food

The color is deep dark green with glassiness, which is proof of high quality Nori. The greatest feature of Nori from Ariake sea is the melt-in-the-mouth feeling due to its thine cell wall. Please enjoy the Umami with the incense of Ocean after dissolved quickly in your mouth. 

Nori (laver, seaweed) from Saga prefecture, Japan


Vitamins, carotene, minerals, EPA, amino acids, soluble fibers, etc.
* Especially the content of vitamin B12 is exceptionally higher than other plant foods. Vitamin B12 is usually abundant in animal foods, and it is hardly present in terrestrial plants.

Combination / Situation
It is fun to eat as it is, or eat Nori rolled around steamed rice. Wrapping on ‘onigiri‘ rice balls and making ‘temaki‘ are also nice. Please try toppings on salads, pasta and pizza.

Size information
M size: 19cm x 11.5cm
L size: 21cm x 19cm