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Ohta san【Tea farmer】

Yusuke Ohta is a man full of frank and challenging spirit. He was devoted to judo when he was a student. After studying the foundation of agriculture at a vocational school, he engaged in tea making with his father. Recently, he became a leader with good balance of technology, physical strength and mental power, to manage the tea garden.

In the tea garden of 30,000㎡ located at an altitude of 150 to 500 m, the tea trees are cultivated carefully without using any agro-chemicals at all. Processing 1st flush leaves for green teas, and 2nd/3rd flush for mainly black teas. His teas are rounded shapes prepared by the unique tea-making technique, and smooth to drink with mellow taste.

While constantly keeping in mind the tradition and innovation, nostalgia and novelty, he cultivates and manufactures genuine Japanese teas.

 Documentary video - Tea making by Yusuke Ohta


Ohta san is trying to develop Oolong tea varieties as well. We believe he will make it. Look this fermented leaves.