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Hamada san 【Rice farmer】

Tomokazu Hamada is a man with a warm heart and a cool head. After acquiring a master's degree in agricultural science in graduate school, he was engaged in research at a perfume maker in Tokyo. After a while he retired from the company and spent one year in Canada to greet a turning point in his life. After returning to Japan, he decided to become a rice farmer and learned the foundation of making rice at a farmhouse in Toyama prefecture. In 2004 he established Hamada Farm. There he has been making rice sincerely and seriously without being caught-up by the traditional customs.

They are aiming for recycling agriculture, with managing 10 ha paddy fields by making full use of the natural blessing of the Kurobe River fan, where the melting snow waters from the Tateyama mountain range flows. While carefully carrying on rice storage and rice polishing process as well, they are able to deliver delicious rice.

Making rice by Hamada san and his family starts from handling own seed rice, while most of rice farmers now-a-day purchasing seed rice from designated suppliers. So their busy days normally starts from March. They are carefully cultivating the sprouts to grow up as a beautiful green seedlings under well-controlled conditions in the greenhouse. It may be similar to child care.