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The Japonte Story

 Health is the keyword of my lifework. I always think about what kind of business can contribute more people to be healthy and lively.

When I had been working at a chemical company for the past 23 years, luckily I had been able to challenge to a wide range of roles such as nutrition business, chemicals business, personnel management, etc. either in Japan and in Asian region.

Especially, the project to improve nutritional situation in poor areas was a very valuable experience. At that time I was in charge of Pakistan, Bangladesh etc, but the way of understanding on nutrition was different from one in Japan, and there were many people who do not have basic knowledge and concepts for nutrition. Even under such circumstances, I realized that vitality was given to the people there by improving nutrition circumstances anyhow, and that it eventually leads to the development of the region and the economy.

In addition, for over 10 years since I returned from overseas duties, our family trips were all set as Japan domestic, in order to better understand Japan. We traveled by driving a car through 46 prefectures nationwide except Okinawa. In the each areas we visited, we continuously got inspired by its unique and wonderful food ingredients and its food culture. So we consider how such treasures could be shared with more people?

It is said that an age of 100-year life is about to come and more and more people are getting interested in the health of family and own. Many wonderful food ingredients and food cultures have been existing in all parts of Japan, and over the years these have contributed not only to the health of people, but also to environmental preservation of the areas.

In order for more people to live healthily and lively for the future, I think it is essential that many people reaffirm the importance of daily meals, the food value chain becomes more sustainable.

We set a long-term theme of "Creating health value from Japan" and decided to start a new business. Our new company has been named "Japonte" with the meaning of "We bridge over borders and generations with the treasures of Japan".

We hope a wonderful and long-lasting relationship with you.


Noritaka Eguchi, Founder