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Karatsu Sea-salt Dry type 250g

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一の塩 さらさらタイプ

Rich in well-balanced minerals

Calcium and magnesium are contained in a excellent balance in the pure white Sea-salt. You can feel a subtle sweetness and a tenderness in the firm salty taste. Please enjoy to feel the beautiful ocean of Kakara island of Karatsu, when you taste simple cuisine such as sashimi, grilled fish, steak. Compatibility with fruits and vegetables should not be forgotten.

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NET: 250g

Mineral contents (analytical results by manufactures)

A major rock-salt

(per 100g)

Karatsu Sea-salt Dry type

(per 100g)

Calcium 481mg 831mg 173%
Magnesium 82.2mg 664mg 808%
Potassium 73.0mg 253mg 347%
Salt equivalent 98.5g 91.5g 93%