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Katsuobushi kezuriki (shaving tool)

  • ¥13,000

Katsuobushi kezuriki is a traditional kitchenware used to shave Katsuobushi, the hard dried bonito blocks.

Box size: 276×102×114 mm
Box material: Paulownia (base-plate: plywood)
Shaving board size: 258×72×36 mm
Shaving board material: Oak
Cutting edge material: Carbon tool steel SK-5
Weight: 1,200g

    Replacement cutting-blade
    This Katsuobushi kezuriki is holding a replacable type of cutting-blade. The blade is fixed to a metal pedestal (black part) with two screws. When it becomes difficult to shave Katsuobushi, please remove the screw and change the direction from 1 to 2. To refresh further, please change the direction in turn to 3-4. When you use up all four sides, please purchase a new cutting-blade.